Taking inspiration from their favorite Pop Culture and childhood memories siblings Gem and Paul set out to create Fun and all Vegan Natural Body Products. The POP SOAP dream began 19 years ago, long before a single bar of soap was cut. Together they wrote and directed short films, toured in a punk band and had their own graphic design firm. They always hoped to combine all these passions into one but They never imagined how one day it would all come together. 

POP SOAP brought everything together. One day Paul and Gem asked them selves "Whats next? where do we go from here? How do we do what we love if we love so much?" The answer came one day in an old project the siblings had always talked about doing. SOAP!

Ever since they watched the movie Fight Club they joked "We should make soap! wouldn't it be fun!" Fifteen years passed and one summer they finally took a swing. It's now been 3 years since the first batch they made. But it didn't stop there they started creating and designing each bar with a wink to their favorite Pop Culture memories and the rest is history!

Our mission is to bring the world All Natural Vegan Products. Provide the best possible product available and give back to our community.

We Believe SOAP should be SOAP. Cleaning, Refreshing and All Natural not Synthetic and Chemical Filled.
We use it everyday on 
our bodies and face it should be made of the best and most natural ingredients available.

We Believe that People are the most important thing. We are all one family and must treat each other as such.
Every bar of our Soap is all natural and pure.

We Believe in giving back. Our communities are our homes it is our privilege and duty to better them.
We are devoted to finding and supporting causes and charities that are dedicated to the same.

We also believe SOAP should be FUN and ENJOYED that's why POP SOAP is not your normal boring soap.